Top Multi-Species Ontario Fishing Lodges

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“If you’re looking for a lodge for multi-species fishing and great accommodations, the lodges featured in this blog will check that box. Some lodges showcase a single fish for attracting guests, and that’s great. Although, if you’re like me, you enjoy variety and being able to high access to high quality angling for a variety of different fish. The lodges here range from a boat-in, to a short fly-in and easy drive-to. For big muskie, both Chaudiere and Manotak offer that. Big lake trout, cooking your own meals and being semi-remote…Anishinabi Outpost. Of course, the mandatory walleye are all offered at each lodge. Let’s dive into more detail of each lodge and what they can provide for a multi-species Ontario Experience!”

Chaudiere Lodge is located on an island of the Upper French close to Lake Nipissing. It was established in 1905. Since then, much of the surrounding area is still untouched and looks the same as it did 100 years ago. Besides the obvious incredible fishing, there’s canoeing, kayaking, and much more.

Manotak Lodge The lodge is situated on the shores of Perrault Lake, about 9,500 acres in size. It is connected to Cedar Lake, which is also similar in size. Most anglers visiting target the trophy walleye and muskie here. But there is also northern pike, whitefish, perch, and smallmouth bass. Now, smallies are my favorite fish to catch, so I had to fit some time in to cast for them.

Clark’s Resorts & Outposts If you’re looking for a semi-remote cabin, without being too far away, Anishinabi Outpost this is a great choice for you. On the main island along with the lodge are four beautiful lakefront cottages. Away from the main island, also on Anishinabi Lake, is an excellent outpost cabin called Williams Narrows.

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