Watson's Kaby Lodge

Fly-In to a True Wilderness Setting on Kabinakagami Lake

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Experience the Magnificent Beauty of Kabinakagami Lake. Remotely located, Kaby Lodge is a fly-in wilderness resort that offers people a trip of a lifetime for giant walleye, pike, bear, moose and more.


Kaby Lodge is located 45 miles northeast of White River in Northern Ontario’s Algoma Country at the south end of Kabinakagami Lake. Trophy fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike is a memorable experience as a result of hundreds of miles of shoreline created by more than 140 islands on ‘Big Kaby Lake’. This breathtaking body of water covers over 30,802 acres and it’s average water depth is 20-24 ft. deep with deeper channels in certain areas; all of which is ideal for the fly-in fishing enthusiast.

In the fall, hunters enjoy black bear, moose, timber wolf, and waterfowl hunting.  Fully and semi-guided hunts with experienced guides who specialize in both gun and archery hunts in an area we are exceptionally familiar with, offer the hunter a memorable excursion.


Big Kaby is 25 miles long with 30,802 acres of pristine fresh water and is one of the headwaters for the Albany River, the extensive watershed flowing northward into Hudson Bay. In early May, the big Northern Pike can be found in the shallow bays and submerged remains of the previous years weed-beds. Large females can be seen as they spawn in these shallows immediately following ice out. Fishing for these brutes is a source of heart pounding excitement.

Early season walleye will target mainly flashy spinners and bright jigs and tails presented with a slower movement. These predators are still somewhat lethargic with the cold spring waters. Spring’s bright sun quickly warms Big Kaby’s relatively shallow waters. As the water temperature increases and the season progresses all the species found begin a ritual of heavy feeding and fantastic fishing.


bear & Moose

The resort provides outstanding service, accommodations, and the opportunity to harvest a prized black bear or moose. They restrict the number of hunters to allow everyone equal opportunity to achieve success in their hunting endeavors. Traditional style fair chase hunts are done along the lake shore and river tributaries, with each set of hunters or hunting party having a designated hunting area exclusive to them for their hunt.

Fully guided one on one moose hunts are set up offering the best options for success with archery equipment. Long bow, recurve and compound bows as well as crossbows are all legal means of harvesting moose in Ontario. The hunts are conducted for moose with only one group per week to offer the best chance for success.

 Baited bear stands and blinds are set up to offer the best shot opportunities for bow hunters. With average shot distances of under 25 yards —optimal for both gun and bow.

Fins & Fur

The Ontario Experienc Host Ty Sjodin and his niece, Kalie, double-up on fish and game at Watson’s Kaby Lodge in Ontario’s Algoma Region, chasing walleyes early in the day, bear by crossbow in the afternoon.


Breakfast — served “a la carte” with a wide variety of hot and cold items to suit “light” or healthy appetites.

Lunch – a bagged lunch or a fully equipped shore lunch box including everything you need to cook your own fish fry except the fresh fish.

Dinner – a different entrée for each day of the week, full hot and cold salad bar, fresh homemade breads, pastries and treats.

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