Sioux Lookout Floating Lodges offers a unique and comfortable lodging experience. You have the choice between three different size boats, 68ft, 60ft, and 50ft Grandeur Houseboats. We will help you choose the perfect floating lodge depending on the size of your group. Each floating lodge rental is a 16ft Lund Fishing Boat complete with a 15 hp Honda and paddles. Additional fishing boats can be rented depending on availability. 

  All floating lodges are equipped with:

Generator, gas grill, stereo, VHF and direct satellite radio.

Boat cushions and lifejackets.

Propane furnace and hot water heater.

Direct draw from the lake water system

Ice chest.

Fillet table

Fully equipped with cooking and eating utensils

Swim deck off the rear of the boat, also great for loading and unloading fishing boats.

Houseboat Tour

Sioux Lookout Floating Lodges is a Northern Ontario houseboat rental company on Lac Seul. Lac Seul is a beautiful lake in Canada with exceptional Walleye fishing. Watch the video below and take a tour.

Lac Seul

Lac Seul is a crescent shaped reservoir approximately 150 miles long, first flooded in 1935. It is the second largest body of water entirely within the province of Ontario. The lake consists of open water, bays, natural channels and islands. It is a relatively shallow lake with many rocky shoals. This provides good habitat for walleye and northern pike. Lac Seul is noted for the remote wilderness character it offers as well as some of the best fishing in Ontario. Other fish species found in Lac Seul are muskie, yellow perch, whitefish and the occasional bass.


Lac Seul is one of the top lakes in Ontario for walleye fishing —including lots of trophies every year.

On an average day it is common to get up to 50 walleye when you find the schools — often located in predictable spots. Depending on how great the day is you might even reach the 100 mark.

When the day is not as nice and the pressure is dropping walleye will not feed mid-day. On these days fish for walleye in the morning, and the fish for muskie, northern pike, or smallmouth bass during the afternoon.

The best time of the year to fish for walleye is May to September.



Muskie are commonly found where walleye are. That includes rocky points and shoals. Most Muskie caught are between 34 and 53 inches. It is easiest to catch trophy-sized Muskie with bigger-sized bait.
Even though Lac Seul is traditionally known for its amazing Walleye fishing, Lac Seul’s Muskie fishing is great. It is very common to catch large Muskie, as Lac Seul’s water is perfect for growing them.

A Northern Pike in the 20 pound range is considered a trophy size if it is over 40 inches in length. The best tackle to use for catching the trophy-sized Northern Pike are the Red and Silver Daredevils or the Yellow Five-of-diamonds Daredevil. 

The rocky points, weed beds, and variety of rivers and streams make Lac Seul an ideal place for Northern Pike. Northern Pike tend to accumulate at the bottom end of streams and rivers.

The average-sized Northern Pike in Lac Seul are in the three to 10 pounds range.



That being said it is still possible to catch a Smallmouth Bass between four to six pounds in Lac Seul. We just recommend you also fish for Walleye, Muskie, and Northern Pike during your trip.

The large size of Lac Seul is what makes it a great place for Smallmouth Bass to grow. Northern Pike and Muskies often eat Smallmouth Bass, which makes them harder to fish for in Lac Seul. 

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