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Lake Mattagami is one of the best Walleye, Northern Pike and Whitefish lakes in Northern Ontario.

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Lake Mattagami is also a rocky Canadian Shield Lake with many rocky points and shoals. Due to the high population of walleye and northern pike, smallmouth bass have not been able to become a dominant species in the lake but the Bronzebacks that survived the gauntlet of pike teeth have grown to be big.

Walleyes average around 2.5 pounds with high numbers available as well as trophy walleyes up to 10 pounds. Don’t worry, there are also lots of smaller 16-inch and 17-inch Walleyes, which are best for shore lunch.

Northern pike are also very common and guests each year catch many Pike over 20 pounds. The majority of Northern pike caught in the lake are between 20 and 35 inches.

The lake has an extremely high population of whitefish. In the spring before the mayfly hatch, guests can experience non-stop whitefish action up to 8 pounds.

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Troy Lindner at green wilderness

Troy Lindner discovers outstanding accommodations, amazing surroundings, and fantastic multi-species fishing on a historic flooded river in the Ontario wilderness.

Lodge & Cabins

Seven cottages are available in a variety of sizes and features. The main lodge is used as a kitchen and dining room for guests who have chosen the American Plan package. Delicious home-cooked meals are prepared and served to your table. You are never rushed because portions are large, and they know you need time to enjoy your meal. Guests with special dietary needs need to tell us ahead of time, so we can be prepared. From time-to-time, the main lodge is also used for family parties and as a meeting room for when we have larger corporate groups in camp. Some guests just like to relax in the main lodge and play some shuffleboard.

Family & Kid’s Activities

There are lots of activities for the whole family other than fishing.

· Swimming
· Hiking
· Campfire
· Boating
· Tubing or Water skiing (bring your own)
· 3 Kayaks (no cost)
· 2 Paddle boats (no cost)
· 1 Canoe (no cost)
· Cliff jumping into lake
· ATV (bring your own)
· Swing set
· Blueberry picking
· Bird watching

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