Dogtooth Lake Resort Smallmouth Bass Fishing!

During this episode, Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin experience the amazing Smallmouth Bass fishing at Dogtooth Lake Resort! A trophy walleye factory nestled in the quiet woods of Ontario’s Sunset Country, Ontario in the Precambrian Shield; just a short two-hour drive from the U.S and Ontario boarder through International Falls, MN, is where you will find Dogtooth Lake Resort. If huge walleyes are on your bucket list and you’re looking for your new personal best, look no further—this is the place you have been dreaming to visit! Dogtooth Lake is a 6,200-acre lake, but it actually fishes fairly small due to it being so long with lots of islands sprinkled throughout the narrow system; there definitely is no shortage of great fishing locations. With 167 miles of shoreline and connecting to Kilvert Lake by an easy navigable channel, that adds another 2,400 plus acres of amazing fishable gin-clear water. The large walleyes Dogtooth and Kilvert are famous for can be caught virtually any time of the year as the lakes have it all, from large 4- to 7-foot feeding areas, 10- to 30-foot channels, reefs, and shoreline breaks. To learn more, visit:

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